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Explore our collection of glow paint, pigment powders, epoxy resin, and more!Bioluminescence in nature is the inspiration and driving force behind all that is Art 'N Glow. There is nothing as enchanting and invigorating as something that lights up the darkness with bright, beautiful colors. @thealohastudios, Art 'N Glow Neutral Sky Blue Glow Powder We like to take the month of November to celebrate our love of all that glows, and show our appreciation for all of the artists and artisans who light up this world with their beautiful glow-in-the-dark creations. From simple DIY crafts to intricate acrylic paintings, and everything in between, we hope to inspire you this Glowvember...

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Click here to purchase our glow in the dark powder! Choose the Difficulty Level Appropriate for You Since glow sticks are a fun accessory that are enjoyed by both children and adults, we decided that there should be two levels of difficulty to this project. The first is ideal for a family project with children involved, and the second is great for either those with at least a beginning knowledge of resin, or those who are willing to try something new. (If you are wanting to jump into the world of resin, but aren't sure where to start, this project will be...

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Click here to purchase our epoxy resin! Few things exist that are more satisfying than creating a bubble-free resin piece that is flawlessly cured. On the contrary, few things are more frustrating than working tirelessly on a piece, and the result being less than satisfying. No artist enjoys putting time, effort, and passion into a piece, and it coming out sticky, covered in a layer of jelly-like goo, or filled with bubbles. So, whether you have worked with resin before, and want to perfect your craft, or have recently learned of this mystifying medium and are attempting to build the courage...

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