12 Ways to Celebrate Glowvember with Art 'N Glow

Explore our collection of glow paint, pigment powders, epoxy resin, and more!

Bioluminescence in nature is the inspiration and driving force behind all that is Art 'N Glow. There is nothing as enchanting and invigorating as something that lights up the darkness with bright, beautiful colors.

Blue glow in the dark cursive script that reads "Glowvember" on a black background@thealohastudios, Art 'N Glow Neutral Sky Blue Glow Powder

We like to take the month of November to celebrate our love of all that glows, and show our appreciation for all of the artists and artisans who light up this world with their beautiful glow-in-the-dark creations. From simple DIY crafts to intricate acrylic paintings, and everything in between, we hope to inspire you this Glowvember to take the plunge into the world of working with glow in the dark materials. We will be showcasing any and everything that glows in the dark via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so don't forget to send us or tag us in all of your glowing works of art! #artnglow @artnglow

12 Glow in the Dark Project Ideas


Glow in the dark jewelry is a simple way to spice up your accessory collection. Our glow in the dark pigments can be mixed with resin to cast pendants or faux crystals, or you can use glow in the dark acrylic paint to create a unique, hand-painted masterpiece. Check out a few of our favorite pieces of glow jewelry:

Various pieces of glow in the dark jewelry

Shoes and other fabric:

Glow in the dark acrylic paint can be applied to a variety of fabrics. This means you can add glowing details to your favorite tshirt, hat, hoodie, shoes, denim jacket, patches and much more! Check out what these artists have done with their wardrobes:

Various articles of clothing that have glow in the dark paintings on them


@oldtomecandlecompany creates one-of-a-kind, glow in the dark candles using our glow in the dark acrylic paints. Sometimes she paints them all over, and sometimes she adds smaller glowing accents. Let your house shine throughout the night by painting your own extraordinary candles, or any other decor you can think of! Here are some examples:

Various glow in the dark candles, in the daytime and in the dark


There are so many different things that can be made using glow in the dark pigments and epoxy resin when working with wood. Tables and other furniture, wooden pen handles, pendants, coasters, picture frames and wall hangings, chopsticks, and the list goes on! Here's a little glow in the dark woodworking inspo:

Various items crafted from wood and glow in the dark resin

Encaustic wax:

@melissasanchezartist has recently been experimenting with our glow in the dark pigments and encaustic wax painting. She is a talented artist with strong curiosity to explore the unknown. Follow her lead, and test out those ideas you've been waiting to try out using glow in the dark pigments - the sky is the limit! Have a look at what @melissasanchezartist has been up to:

3 encaustic wax paintings that glow in the dark


Watercolors are another medium that can be used for painting with glow in the dark. @thealohastudios crafts handmade watercolors using Hawaiian honey to allow the pigments to be more thoroughly suspended within the paint. Her recipe is the perfect match for our glow in the dark pigments! She actually created the "Glowvember" image at the top of this page using our neutral aqua glow powder. Check out some of her glowing watercolors:

Acrylic nails:

Turn heads when you hit the city streets or your favorite night club with a set of glow in the dark acrylic nails. Our glow in the dark pigments work great for this! Look what @nails_bytisha has done with our pigments: 


Use glow in the dark pigments to create your next favorite fun and funky tumbler. Top 3 reasons you need a cup that glows in the dark: 

  1. Never knock your water off your nightstand again, blindly searching for it in the dark.
  2. Looks cool at bonfires and other nighttime festivities.
  3. Lessens your chances of forgetting your cup in the car after returning home late from a long day at work.
Check out Jessica Craftings on YouTube for a full tutorial on creating glow in the dark damask tumblers. Here are a few of her glowing creations:

Resin working:

We've mentioned working with resin and glow in the dark pigments to make jewelry and crafts, but that is only the beginning when it comes to glow in the dark resin ideas! Use silicone molds to bring your glowing dreams to life, with paperweights, chess pieces, plates, bowls, coasters, ornaments, and charms of all shapes and sizes. Anthony Crammen on YouTube actually has a "Glow In The Dark Resin Tutorial" video that teaches beginners how to use our glow in the dark pigment powders with resin! Resin is also popular in conjunction with woodworking - use glow in the dark resin to fill in cracks or holes in a tabletop. Check out what these artists have crafted with glow in the dark resin:

Acrylic painting on canvas:

Add hidden details to your painting that can only be seen when the lights are out. Enhance a galaxy painting by making the stars shine bright. The possibilities are endless when painting with glow in the dark acrylics. Here are just a few brilliant glow in the dark pieces:


Mixed media:

Shayla Maddox is a mixed media artist that creates incredible pieces that glow in the dark! She describes her art as "light reactive", because it not only glows in the dark, but "reacts to all types of light". She incorporates acrylic paint and pigment powders in with various materials such as crushed seashells, recycled and/or crushed glass (i.e. bottles and mirror pieces), nut oils, sand, water, garnet, candle wax, cinnamon, salt, and the list goes on! Here are some of her more recent creations:

Spray painting:

Glow in the dark pigments can also be incorporated into spray paint art on a variety of different canvases. Check out Skech Art on Youtube for lots of awesome tutorials on glow in the dark spray painting (@skechart88 on Instagram). Here are a few of his glow in the dark spray paint pieces:

Start creating today!

Explore the endless possibilities of luminous and mesmerizing creations when you work with our glow in the dark pigments and acrylic paints.




  • Melissa Sanchez

    Thank you so much for featuring my encaustic glow paintings! It has been so fun experimenting with your pigments. It is now over two years since I discovered you and I am happy to report the encaustic glow paintings are bright as ever. Thanks for creating such an inspiring product. To Learn more about me visit www.melissasanchez.org

  • Ashley at Art 'N Glow

    Hello Daphne,

    The glow effect will always be much brighter over a white or light-colored background than over a darker-colored background. Neutral Green and Neutral Aqua are our 2 brightest and longest-glowing colors, so if you wanted to try this out, we’d suggest experimenting with those colors! Please note that our neutral glow in the dark paint is not completely invisible, but it does go on transparent for the first few coats.

    You can add a clear coat over the glow paint to protect it from the elements!

  • daphne

    hi there! i’m working on an outdoor wood project and had a couple of questions to applying glow in the dark.

    if i apply the glow in the dark paint to a dark-stained wood, will it glow brightly at nighttime without a lighter (or white) colored base below? i like the “invisible” coat but am wondering if it will be too dull on top of the dark stain when it glows.

    additionally, can i coat the glow in the dark paint with a water-based spar urethane to give it a protective finish and protect it from the elements?


  • Ashley at Art 'N Glow

    Hello David,

    Our glow in the dark paints are acrylic, so they can be applied directly to ceramic tiles and are water-resistant once they’re dry. Check out our blog Top 10 Tips for Painting with Glow Paint for best practices! You can apply a top coat of epoxy resin or any water-resistant clear coat spray over your glow paints for added protection!

    If you’re interested in using our glow powders instead, those pigments are compatible with a wide range of transparent water-resistant mediums that can be applied to ceramic, such as clear coat paint, gouache, clear crafting glue, or a clear glazing compound (just to name a few).

  • David

    How can I apply your products to ceramic tile that will be frequently exposed to water?

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