About us

Welcome to Art 'N Glow, the world's first provider of glow in the dark paints and powders, resin, and supplies for use in the fine arts.

Our Story

Art 'N Glow was conceptualized after the founder visited an exhibit on bioluminescence at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX. Having recently visited a paint party studio, he wondered if it was possible to capture the beauty of all that glows on canvas so that it could be enjoyed whenever and wherever.

After months of research and product development, the answer turned out to be a resounding "Yes" and so Art 'N Glow was born.

Our Products

There is something magical about phosphorescent materials and while the initial concept was to bring glow in the dark to canvas and other fine art, we quickly ended up with an assortment of unique, quality art supplies for your next masterpiece.

Our best selling products are our best in the business Glow Paint, Glow Powder, and Epoxy Resin.

Our Technology

All of our products are made with the newest generation of glow in the dark materials which glow 10 times brighter and much longer than the more common and less expensive zinc sulfide technology.  Also, every one of our glow in the dark powders are encapsulated so that they can be used in either solvent or water base mediums without degrading.

Location and Contact

We are located in Dallas, Texas and can be reached via email at info@artnglow.com.