Easy Resin Project: Create a Resin Planter

After you are done pouring a resin project, do you ever have leftover resin?  If this is you, this project is for you! Of course, once resin and hardener are mixed together it will cure, so it is either wasted if you over-estimated for your project, or you need to find a new mold to pour it into. We have an easy way to use this leftover resin to make layered resin planters- great for succulents! 

If you have leftover resin and hardener already mixed, you can use it to create a resin planter by following these steps:

Prepare your mold: Make sure your silicone mold is clean and dry before starting. Place your mold in a place where it can sit and allow the resin to cure as you pour each layer of resin.  If you have a few different small molds, set them all out so you can create a different look for each planter. 

Mix the resin: When you complete your resin projects and have leftover resin and hardener mixture, stir thoroughly again before pouring to ensure it is well mixed.  If you did not use pigmented resin for your project, you can add pigment now before pouring.

Pour the resin into the mold: Pour the resin into your mold, making sure to fill to your desired level.  For this project you can fill to any level you desire with each pour. Create thick or thin layers with different colors of resin to achieve the layered look.  

Pour additional layers: You will want to wait until your resin has started to harden before you pour the next layer. Because we don't care about the appearance of seams with this project, you can wait days between pouring each layer. Repeat filling with alternating leftover resin until you fill your mold.  

Add decorative elements (optional): You can add glitter, dried flowers, or other decorative elements to the resin to give it color or texture.

Allow the resin to cure: Once you have poured the final layer, leave the mold in a well-ventilated area and let the resin cure completely, which will take up to 72 hours.

Remove the resin from the mold: Once the resin is fully cured, carefully remove it from the mold.  You can sand or use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges or surfaces.

Your resin planter is now ready to be used. Give as a gift or fill it with soil and plants, and enjoy your new creation!

Check out the planters Megan with @MeganHogeman created - we just love all the succulents in these multicolored pots!

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