Artist Interview: Arte by Kristina

Glow in the dark paintings made by artist Kristina

Who are you?
Kristina Ponomarenko (aka @artebykristina on Instagram)

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Moscow, the biggest city in Europe, where the world’s cultural legacy, spacecrafts, and modern art all mixed in an amazing way. I have always felt strive to understand how art articulately speaks to our minds and had a need to express my own personality. I started my journey as a back-up artist in a Russian Ballet-show “TODES” and after getting my Master’s degree of mathematics at Moscow State University continued my career as a professional dance artist. Later on I moved to USA and unbridled my other passion – traveling. Exposure to the European art of Renaissance and architecture of people of the South America inspired me. I was stunned by the ability to create something so remarkable and at the same time inevitably delighted by the boundless masterpiece of nature. I was inspired and driven to combine the art of humanity, the beauty of nature, and build it in harmony on canvas.

What is your medium(s) of choice?
I work with acrylic paints. I add different mediums to create texture on my paintings. I mostly paint impressionist art pieces using a palette knife. My personality is very bright, that’s why you’ll see lots of colors in my paintings. Also I work with Resin to create abstract art, coasters and for other craft projects.

How did you get started in your craft?
I started with Paint and Sip classes, really enjoyed it. I got myself a starter kit, turned on YouTube and began to learn. Later on my friends started to purchase my art and I’ve decided to open up my website.

    If you could give one piece of advice to all up-and-coming artists, what would it be?
    There are no smooth roads to success. In order to grow, you always have to challenge yourself. You gotta stay focused, be persuasive and consistent. Hard work always pays off.

    Who are your biggest influences?
    My biggest influencer was Boris Vallejo. His artworks inspired me to start painting in the first place. 

    What’s one thing you absolutely could not live without (in your studio or in general)?

    I can’t live without painting, traveling, boxing, and my cat!

    What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
    I’ve worked as a backup dancer for 5 years. I also worked at school as a teacher for 2 years. Now I do event marketing.

    What is your favorite project that you’ve completed or worked on so far?
    I like Bob Marley’s portrait the most. I think I was able to capture his bright and positive personality. I smile every time I look at it.

    What do you aim to convey with your artwork?
    I want to provoke a feeling and emotion.

    What’s your favorite color palette to work with?
    I always use blues and reds on all of my paintings.

    What is the most memorable response(s) you’ve gotten about your work?
    “I love your paintings so much. They take me to the music of colors. I was so awestruck by the way you blend the colors. Your art is meaningful and soulful.”

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    There are several places I’d like to live for some time. I would love to live in Italy somewhere by the coast, in Southeast Asia (maybe Cambodia) and also in South America (Chile or Peru).


    "I wanna thank all the creative people out there that inspire me every day. Also special thanks to Art’N Glow for their support and encouragement. I’ve made some beautiful glow in the dark paintings and coasters using their products!"
    - Kristina


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