Lunar Gala and Event Sponsorship

Here at Art 'N Glow, we are proud to promote and sponsor the creative and educational endeavors of students and artists everywhere! The foundation of our company was inspired by science and nature, so we love to encourage new ideas and watch them come to life.

Models and students onstage at Lunar Gala receiving flowers and praise from the audience

Lunar Gala 2019 is just one of the many different events that Art 'N Glow has sponsored. One brilliant group of designers created the Alluminare fashion line for the show, incorporating our epoxy resin, pearl pigments, and glow powders into their designs. Check out all of the outfits they made down below! Here's what one of the designers, Mariana Alberola-Rezza, has to say about their event:

"Lunar Gala was originally created in 1997 to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Since then, it has evolved into an impressive organization run entirely by Carnegie Mellon students. From production to modeling, dancing to designing, students from different disciplines and backgrounds come together each year to create a fascinating show. Both the CMU and the Pittsburgh community gather to discover the original designs which often involve new technologies and complex material applications. Lunar Gala has become a great platform to display the University’s and city’s culture always revolving around innovation and has attracted over 1200 people on a single night.

[In Spring of 2019], Stephanie, Zain and I decided to participate as designers with a line that allowed us to implement resin, an uncommon material seen in fashion, in an original way. The three of us share architecture as our main discipline but have always been interested in other forms of creating. Taking advantage of this material, known for its intensity and delicateness, we decided to explore ways in which to incorporate it with textiles. Alluminare embodies wearables that reflect a hard softness and emphasize its distinctive qualities during day and night. As designers, we sometimes overlook the darkness and think about our creations basking in the light. However, different parts of the body and the garment can be highlighted at night, something that might not be initially apparent.

We are fascinated by exploring ideas of materiality, hybrid textiles, and novel fabrication techniques - it is how the show and the entire industry can advance. Investigating how light and dark impact garments helps to give clothing a new life and appreciation, and also offers an experience never seen before on the Lunar Gala stage. We did not think twice and decided to reach out to Art 'N Glow to partner up on this endeavor. Their support and enthusiasm since the beginning were really encouraging and ultimately led to amazing results. Art 'N Glow was always truly interested in our creative and technical process. Their sponsorship made this experience unique."

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