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Art 'N Glow was inspired by science and nature, so we love to encourage new ideas and educational endeavors and watch them come to life! Lunar Gala 2019 is just one of the many different events that Art 'N Glow has sponsored. Learn all about the event straight from the students involved!

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Explore our collection of glow paint, pigment powders, epoxy resin, and more!Bioluminescence in nature is the inspiration and driving force behind all that is Art 'N Glow. There is nothing as enchanting and invigorating as something that lights up the darkness with bright, beautiful colors. @thealohastudios, Art 'N Glow Neutral Sky Blue Glow Powder We like to take the month of November to celebrate our love of all that glows, and show our appreciation for all of the artists and artisans who light up this world with their beautiful glow-in-the-dark creations. From simple DIY crafts to intricate acrylic paintings, and everything in between, we hope to inspire you this Glowvember...

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