Paint A Glow In The Dark Jellyfish (Step By Step Guide With Pictures!)

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Paint A Glow In The Dark Jellyfish (Step By Step Guide With Pictures!)

One of our sponsored artists has been cranking out some amazing glow paintings on his instagram account (@georgegroeg001) and was nice enough to put together this step by step guide on how to create a glow in the dark jellyfish painting for us. You'll get the best results using an airbrush like George did but any airbrush step in this guide could be done using traditional paint brushes as well. Follow along and create your own glowing masterpiece!

The supplies you'll need for this how-to are:

With that I'll hand it over to George!

"First step is to have an idea of what you want to paint and check out reference pictures online.  For this guide I'll be painting a jellyfish.

The first thing you want to do is paint the background. For this I did blue and black.
I just drop paint right on the canvas and spread it out. Adding more as needed for full coverage. Keep in mind the glow paint and powders need a light colored back ground to glow their brightest.

blobs of acrylic paint on canvas to be used for background
wet blue acrylic paint on canvas

Use a heat gun or blow dryer to speed up the drying. Be careful not to apply too much heat to one spot or you could cause bubbling. Keep moving it around and letting it cool. Or just leave it to dry.

heat gun to dry acrylic paint

Next I created stencils out of paper of the jellyfish image I chose. I first draw it out on paper then cut out my drawing with an exacto knife. Note you could just free hand the jellyfish but this is just the way I decided to do it.

jellyfish stencil drawn on paper

cut out the center of the stencil
Next I used the stencils I made to get the basic design on the canvas by airbrushing white paint through the stencils. You could use a very lightly loaded paint brush for a similar effect.

basic image airbrushed onto canvas through stencil

fill in the dome of the jellyfish
Next I airbrush the jellyfish in white and then add blue to create the look I want. This step could be painted by hand as well.

finished jellyfish before applying glow powder
Now it's time to mix up some of the blue glow powder with a clear paint medium.
I use a small spoon to scoop a couple of scoops of the blue glow powder into some transparent base and mix it thoroughly. Then I check it under a black light to see if it needs more powder. In this case I added more and checked it again.

I chose to mix my own paint since I used an airbrush but if you are using traditional brushes you can skip this step by using Art 'N Glow's pre-mixed glow paint.

phosphorescent powder in a spoon

glow pigment in transparent base paint

pile of glow powder mixed with airbrush paint

mixture glowing under black light

Now I put some glow paint in an airbrush bottle and add an equal amount of reducer so it will spray through the airbrush.

glow paint with reducer

mixture of glow paint and reducer in bottle
Now I add the glow paint on top of the painted jellyfish both with the airbrush using the  stencils I made earlier and with a paint brush to create really bright glow where it's needed. This will take a while because you'll be adding multiple coats and letting it dry. And also checking it continually under a black light. Be sure to keep mixing up the glow powder/paint because the powder will want to settle when left between coats. Keep doing this until you're satisfied with the look under the black light."

airbrushing glow paint onto jellyfish painting with stencil

glowing jellyfish under black light

finished canvas art in regular light
That's it! Have fun creating your own glow in the dark paintings and check out George's Facebook page if you are interested in purchasing some of his original art:

If you have any questions let us know in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for more how-to guides where we'll show you how to paint a dark silhouette in front of a glowing background similar to this amazing piece by George:

glow in the dark painting on canvas like crisco art


  • Alex

    Hi Laurie,

    Thank you for the question!

    You could possibly pour resin on top of powder in the shape of the moon. However, you wouldn’t want the powder moving as you are pouring your next layer. It may be better to place the powder in the shape of the moon on top of the previous layer while the first layer is still tacky, so that the powder stays in place. You could also mix the powder with resin and paint it on top of the previous layer.

  • Laurie Sexton

    I am wanting to make a paperweight of night time with stars and moon. I am wanting to use the glower in he dark powder and I was wandering, once you lay the first later (dark) can you just lay the powder in the shape of the moon or do you have to mix it with the resin. Thanks
    p.s. you really are awesome !!

  • Brent

    Hi Alysonne, this tutorial was actually put together by a very talented customer of ours. I would like to feature some more artists on our site as well as offer some more tutorials in the future!

  • Alysonne

    HI i was wondering if you will make a tutorial for the moose paiting ? i really like your work ! ♥

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