Resin Art Inspiration : Tree Stump Side Table With Fireplace

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We have mentioned before that the uses of resin in projects are endless. Because there are so many options people can have a hard time knowing where to start and what the possibilities of this material can accomplish.

We wanted to share a project we found on YouTube by Doug Royal. Doug documented a personal project of taking a tree stump and turning it into a side table. He embellished the stump by adding some beads to the top in the shape of a tree and then made a carving down the middle and created a faux fireplace. It is a creative way to take an ordinary stump and make it a piece of art for your yard. 

After adding the beads to the top of the tree stump he needed to protect the beads and make it safe to place things on, this is where epoxy resin comes into the picture. It serves as an extra layer that keeps the beads in place and creates a solid clear film layer on top of the beads that allow items to be placed on top without ruining the design and making it a permanent part of the table.

Check out this video to see his process.

As a finished project, this is AMAZING! But what are some other options that you could do if you wanted to tackle a project like this on your own? If you are going to create tree stump stools and tables that will be sitting outside in your yard, a perfect addition to this project is incorporating our glow in the dark powders with epoxy resin. Our colored pigments can be charged by the sun or by one of our 9 LED UV flashlights.

Doug created a page on Instructables that walks you through the entire process, make sure to visit.

Have questions about using resin in projects? Check out our FAQ blog post answering some popular questions regarding resin.

What can you dream up to make this project your own? Make sure to share with us by tagging @artnglow online!


  • Kathy at Art 'N Glow

    Hello William,

    Our glow powders and paints are non-toxic and safe for skin contact, but they have not been approved for cosmetic applications at this time. We would not recommend mixing glow powders in suntan lotion.

  • William Chapman

    I have this idea of mixing glow powders with suntan lotion. I’m assuming it wouldn’t be toxic to the skin. Has anybody tried this?

  • Kathy at Art 'N Glow

    Hello Kathy,
    Our glow in the dark powders can be mixed into a wide variety of clear and transparent mediums, including epoxy resin, acrylic or oil paint medium, crafting glues (such as Mod Podge), many different clear/gloss/glaze clear coats, and much more. For your project, we would recommend either an acrylic medium or epoxy resin.  

    We typically recommend using 7 grams of powder for each fluid ounce of the medium. This ratio is designed to give your project the brightest and longest-lasting glow. However, there is room for experimentation if you wish to use more or less glow powder.

  • Kathy

    What would best to use to apply to the top of a sawed log/tree trunk that is used as a stool so the seat will glow in the dark

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