Make Your Swimming Pool Glow In The Dark

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Do you have an above ground pool? Want to take on an incredibly fun family project that you and the entire family can enjoy? You can do what one dad did this summer and repainted the inside of his ENTIRE above ground pool and painted it with a HUGE emoji. How much fun is that?! But the fun doesn't stop there, he made sure to use Art 'N Glow Powder to paint his emoji so that it glows at night. How brilliant is that solution?! If that doesn't get your creative juices flowing we do not know what will!

Make sure to watch the video below to see the adventures of this project. You will also get some great ideas on glow in the dark masks and light effects to do inside your pool! Special thanks to Sam and Nia for putting this video together and featuring our products.


Above ground pool that looks like a kissing emoji with sunglasses on and glows in the dark, from a bird's eye view