How You Can Use Glow Paints For Halloween

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How You Can Use Glow Paints For Halloween

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Halloween is such a fun time of the year with the decorations and costumes! Our product line of glow paints is the perfect combination for the Halloween season as glow in the dark paints can add depth, mystery, and creativity to your existing decorations and costumes! 

Not sure where to begin? The possibilities are truly endless but here are nine ideas for how you can use glow paints for your Halloween festivities this year!

1. Face Masks

Use glow in the dark paints on a white face mask (our paints glow brighter on a white surface). You can wear it to stand out at night, or you can put up a black tarp and hang dozens of the masks on it so that it looks like faces are coming out of the wall. Spooky!

2. Glowing Walkway

Cut out colorful craft paper and use glow paints on it. Then tape or glue them to a sign beside your sidewalk outside. As an alternative, you may also use our glow paint on stones for a fun glowing walkway to your home. Your stones will be charged by the sun during the day and glow as the sun goes down. The trick-or-treaters will love it!

3. Spooky Eyes

Buy giant plastic eyes (googly eyes work too) and paint them with the glow paints. Then hide them in your bushes, your trees, anywhere a monster or creature may be lurking to give those trick-or-treaters a fun little scare!

4. Party Dress

Pick a white dress and paint it with glow paint. Leave the dress out in the sun during the day to charge your paint. You’ll glow in the dark all night long and look like a party princess!

5. Spider Web Necklace

Using a tape-down pattern and some tulle, with glow in the dark fashion paint, you can trace out an amazing spider web necklace to add just the right pop to your costume this year!

6. Footprints

You can pick up plastic footprints at almost any giant retailer. Then you paint them with the glow paints and set them strategically at the front of your house so it looks like a ghost is walking to or from your home. Boo!

7. Bones

Bones are probably the easiest thing to find around Halloween (plastic of course). If you paint them with the glow paints and set them in piles around your lawn, it creates an eerily festive mood!

8. Pumpkins

Why cut up your pumpkins when you can paint them? It’s less mess and they last longer, plus you’ll stand out from all the pumpkin carvers out there! You can find easy-to-trace patterns online and just color over them with the glow paints.

9. Mason Jars

For a simple yet super cute look, paint some mason jars and hang them from your porch or trees. It will look kind of like a dark fairy lives there. So awesome!

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