Easy Resin Craft: How To Create Swirl Glow Letters

Looking for something different to create with friends and family over the holidays?  How about creating a fun Christmas decoration that GLOWS!  Join us as we follow Shawna of @MrsDavisDoesLetters as she creates amazing red and white candy cane swirl glowing resin letters.

Materials Needed

Prepare your Workspace

When using epoxy resin, ensure your workspace is well-ventilated. You also want to pick a space that is relatively clean and has very little dust, as these particles can find their way into your resin during the curing process. 

The temperature of your workspace should be mild to warm. Aim for between 72°F-85°F (closer to 78°F is ideal). Wipe down surfaces and lay down a protective covering over the table or floor. A plastic drop cloth, large garbage bag, silicone mat or cardboard are great options for protecting your work surface. 

Make sure mold is clean and dry. Put on gloves to protect skin.

Mixing Resin

Before you mix your resin, determine how much you will need for your project.  This project required approximately 15 fluid ounces, so a 16 oz kit is perfect! 

TIP: We recommend mixing in multiple batches as mixing more than 6 fluid ounces at one time can decrease your working time.

When you are ready to mix, measure your resin and hardener in equal parts by volume in two separate cups. Next, pour those cups into a third cup for mixing. Do not pour the mixture from high above the measuring cup as this can result in the formation of microbubbles. Mix the resin and hardener thoroughly, scraping both the sides and the bottom as you stir. Mix for 3-5 minutes, or until there is no ‘streaking’ in the resin.

Create Glowing Christmas Letters

Step 1: Move alphabet mold to your workspace. Mix resin and hardener for the first layer. For the first layer, fill your mold(s) about one third full with clear resin. Add candy cane glitter to each mold. Let cure for at least 12 hours.

Step 2: Mix the remaining resin and hardener required for the project. Divide the mixed resin into 3 smaller mixing cups. Add Neutral White glow powder to 2 cups and Neutral Red glow powder to one. (TIP: Use different color stirring sticks or keep them separated so you can tell the two glow colors apart!) Stir well. Let the resin and glow powder sit for a minute and then use the heat gun to warm it up a bit to release any bubbles from mixing in the powder.

Step 3: Pour the Neutral Red glow resin in the center of the divided pouring cup. Pour the Neutral White glow resin on the remaining two sides. 

Step 4: Carefully pour resin into your mold. Stop to refill divided pouring cup as needed. Clean up any drips.

Step 5: After pouring the layer of glow resin, allow your project to cure 24-72 hours.  Demold and expose to sunlight or UV light. Turn out the lights and see them glow!

Pro Tips from Shawna for working with glow powder:
Mix it well and use a heat gun or warm your resin beforehand to minimize bubbles. If swirling colors, make sure to use enough glow powder to get a strong, bright color or they will blend together. If you've mixed your neutral glow colors already and lose track of which is which, shine a UV light on them to tell them apart.


This project can be created with any mold, inclusions or glow powder colors of your choice! 

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