How to Make Glow in the Dark Shoes

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Do you ever lose your shoes?  Have you ever been in a rush, didn’t have time to turn on the lights, and couldn’t find your shoes?  Well, we have the answer for you, GLOW IN THE DARK SHOES!

At Art ‘N Glow, we love to share fun and easy projects that the entire family could enjoy.  We offer a wide variety of products so that we are a one-stop shop for all your creative needs.

What are we going over?

In this blog post, we will be teaching you how to make your shoes glow in the dark!  This is a simple, fun, and safe project for the entire family!  We will be going over, what Art ‘N Glow acrylic glow paint is, what Art ‘N Glow glow pigment powder is, and how to apply glow paint to shoes.  This will essentially be an all-around crash course over our glow products and how to apply them.  

Before we start, here is a quick rundown of what glow paints, glow powders, and acrylic medium are.

-Skip down if you’d like to start the project quickly!

What is Art ‘N Glow Glow Paint?

Art ‘N Glow glow paint uses glow crystals to create a vibrant long lasting glow! Our product is unique to most paints because we have a special mixture of rare glow crystals that create a beautiful vibrant glow.  

We offer two types of glow paint, fluorescent and neutral.  Neutral paints do not have color and are applied clear but glows with color, fluorescent paint is colored and also glows.

  • What is Art ‘N Glow Fluorescent Glow Paint?
      • Our paints both reflect UV light and glow when there is no light present.  Which means, the fluorescent paint will have a vibrant color when a UV light is shined on the paint, the paint will also glow after the UV light has been taken away.  Our paints have about a 6 hour glow time after every full charge!  
    • What is Art ‘N Glow Neutral Glow Paints?
      • Neutral glow paints are meant to be clear when applied to a piece.  Since the neutral paints go on clear, you can only see them when they are glowing.  This is great for applying a glow layer to any painting, clothing, jewelry, and much more!  

    What is Art ‘N Glow Pigment Glow Powder?

    Here at Art ‘N Glow, we offer a wide variety of glow pigment powders to add to acrylic paint medium or epoxy resin.  We offer some that are colored and some that go on clear and only show color when they are glowing!  The two different types of glow powders we offer are Neutral and Fluorescent powders.  Both of these glow, but one goes on clear and the other has color.

  • What is Art ‘N Glow Fluorescent Glow Powder?
      • Our powders both reflect UV light and glow when there is no light present.  That means that the fluorescent powders will have a vibrant color when a UV light is shined on them, they will also glow after the UV light has been taken away.  Our powders have about a 6 hour glow time after every full charge!  

  • What is Art ‘N Glow Neutral Glow Powder?
      • Neutral glow powders are meant to be invisible when applied to a piece.  Since the neutral powders go on clear, you can only see them when they are glowing.  This is great for applying a glow layer to any paint, clothing, jewelry, and much more!  

    What is Art ‘N Glow Acrylic Paint Medium?    

    If you have ever seen acrylic paint you already have an idea of what Acrylic Medium is.  Basically, acrylic medium is paint with no color.  This way you can add your own pigment with Art ‘N Glow pigment powders!  

  • Why use Acrylic Paint Medium with Art ‘N Glow Pigment Powders?
      • The best way to achieve a unique design and a rich glow is to mix your own glow paint.  When using powders separate from paint, you have the choice of what type of pigments want to use without having to buy several different types of paint.  This way you mix exactly how much paint and powder you need, then conserve the rest.  

    Are there Any Health Risks When Creating with Art ‘N Glow Pigment Powders?

    Art ‘N Glow Glow Pigment Powder is a non-toxic non-hazardous material and is safe to use at home.  When using Art ‘N Glow Pigment Powder, make sure to be in a well-ventilated area, use gloves, and eye protection.  Our powder is very fine and it is always a good idea to protect your eyes and skin.  If powder gets on your hands, simply wash with soap and warm water.  If powder gets in your eyes, make sure to flush with warm water, do not rub, and immediately seek proper medical attention.  

    Is Art ‘N Glow Pigment Powder safe to throw away in the trash?

    Yes, our powders can be put in the trash like regular trash.  Just be conscious of the powder blowing all over the place when you tie up the trash bag!

    Now let’s get started!

    Materials Needed:

    1. Art ‘N Glow Glow in the Dark Paint (we love neutral aqua and fluorescent green)
    2. Art ‘N Glow Paint Brush Set
    3. Pair of shoes to paint
    4. Painters Tape (optional)
    5. Latex Gloves
    6. Art ‘N Glow UV flashlight to see the effects, you can use the sun though!

    How to make your shoes glow:

    A few quick tips before we start:

    • For your first shoe, stick to painting on the cloth because painting on the rubber parts of shoes will take more layers and a little more practice and patience to look well done.
    • When painting rubber parts of shoes, be ready to layer, eventually apply thick blobs, then thin layers again to create a seamless look.
    • You will notice that glow paint is a little thicker than most paints so try to apply thin layers and allow a drying period then apply more layers to achieve the desired glow.

    1. Start by removing the laces!
    2. Planning is important, decide what paints you would like to use and where on the shoe you would like to apply those colors.
    3. Use painters tape to tape off the area around the part of the shoe you will be painting first so paint does not get into unintended areas.
      1. This will be a process of painting and allowing the paint to dry, then adding another coat.  Pick one or two spots to tape off, make sure the spots are not near each other.
    4. Now time to select the brush, a thin #6 shading brush is perfect because the brush is soft and it applies a thin amount of paint.
    5. Apply a thin layer of Art ‘N Glow neutral or fluorescent paint to the taped off area of your shoe with a thin smooth layer.
    6. Now move on to paint other parts of the shoe and allow the first area to dry.
      1. Apply in even thin layers because we will add a second coat after the first layer is dry.
    7. Now that the thin layers of paint have dried add additional layers to each area to add a more intense glow.
    8. Once the entire show is coated with Glow in the Dark Paint, let the shoes dry and test the shine with a UV flashlight.
    9. If the glow is not intense enough or has uneven patches, apply additional layers until you achieve the desired effect!

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