Finding Inspiration : Crisco Art

We are constantly searching the web for Glow in the Dark inspiration. We love seeing what artist are doing with Glow in the Dark paints and powders by adding an extra dimension to their work.

One of the most inspirational glow in the dark paint artists that we have found online and LOVE to follow is Crisco Art. The works of art that Crisco creates with glow in the dark paint are truly unique and opens the doors of imagination to the unique opportunities that Glow in the Dark powders and paints can provide your existing artwork. Here are some of our favorites found on his Instagram feed.

Artist Crisco Art holding one of his glow in the dark paintings

Artist Crisco Art standing beside one of his glow in the dark paintings

Glow in the dark painting of two women standing together in the shape of a heart

Glow in the dark painting of a young boy looking off into the distance

But the fun does not stop on Instagram, we highly encourage you to check out his Youtube page where there are recap videos of Crisco Art creating his glow in the dark paintings. Here is one video example found on his channel!


Who are some of your favorite artists right now? Leave a comment and share!