Create Your Own Glow in the Dark Ornaments

Christmas is near and we are all excited to decorate our Christmas trees. Christmas trees are eye-catching, but they’re even more so when they glow in the dark.

There are two ways you can make glow-in-the-dark tree ornaments. One is easy, so even the kids can help. The other takes a bit more work but is unique and definitely worth it.

String of multi-color glow in the dark bulbs

Glow-in-the-Dark Glass or Plastic Ornament

For this ornament, you’ll need a clear glass or plastic ornament and glow-in-the-dark paint.

Take the cap off the ornament and pour Art ‘N Glow glow in the dark paint inside. You can use one color or a mix of different colors.

Swirl the ornament to spread the paint. You can cover the entire ornament with paint or leave some clear space.  Once you’re done, pour out any remaining paint.

Then, put the cap back on.

Charge the ornaments with a UV Light and watch the ornaments glow brightly at night.

These ornaments are so easy, and they look incredible on Christmas trees. 


Custom Glow-in-the-Dark Ornament

This ornament gives you the freedom to make any shape you want.

You’ll first make a mold to shape your ornament. Then, you’ll fill it with resin and glow in the dark powder.

You’ll need:

The mold putty comes in two parts–one yellow and one white. Choose one of them and measure how much it will take to cover half of your object. Take the depth of the object into consideration.

Take an equal amount of the other part of the putty and mix the two parts together (1:1 ratio). The putty should be mixed well, and there should be no swirls.

Within two minutes of mixing the two parts together, press your object into the putty and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Once it’s dry, remove the object from the mold. 

Here’s a video demonstrating the mold-making process.

Mix glow in the dark powder with epoxy resin well, and then pour it into the mold. Once your ornament is dry, take it out of the mold.

With a knife, puncture a hole in the top of the ornament and tie a ribbon on it to hang it on the tree.

These ornaments are amazing and look much better than many store-bought ornaments.