Artist Interview: Meet Brittni Peercy


Who are you?
Aloha Everyone! My name is Brittni Peercy (aka @lilinoesunriseink on Instagram). Lilinoe is my daughter, my inspiration, and my biggest supporter. Lilinoe means “fine mist” in Hawaiian. She brings me happiness, as does art. She is the “Lilinoe” in Lilinoe Sunrise Ink.


Where are you from?
I was born and raised on the Island of Hawai‘i in a town called Hilo. We have waterfalls, rainforests, volcanoes, snowy mountain tops, ocean views and many other natural beauties surrounding us. Since Hilo is located on the east side of the Big Island, we get to witness some spectacular sunrises (when we wake up early enough, haha). The reason behind “Sunrise” in Lilinoe Sunrise Ink, is simply to pay tribute to the town that I’m from, Hilo, and all of the beautiful sunrises. I also chose “Sunrise” because of the symbolism of a new day or a new adventure, like this journey of exploring resin art.

What is your medium(s) of choice?
I mostly work with resin and alcohol ink to make coasters, hanging wall art, keychains, magnets, trinket dishes, ornaments, and other decorative items. Lately, I’ve been mixing Art ‘N Glow glow powders into my resin and exploring different ways to incorporate them into my creations! It has been so much fun experimenting with all of the different colors and finding new ways to include both alcohol inks and glow powders into my pieces. As soon as I remove a new piece from a mold, Lilinoe asks to see if we can watch it glow! (If you’re wondering, the “Ink” in Lilinoe Sunrise Ink is because of my use of alcohol inks)

How did you get started in your craft?
I’ve always been interested in arts and crafts. I usually make handmade gifts for my family and friends for Christmas. Last year, I was looking for new gift ideas, particularly functional art pieces. My best friend’s sister used to make resin keychains and this influenced me to research resin art. I came across a tutorial for resin and alcohol ink coasters and decided to give it a shot. I’ve been hooked ever since! I learned everything I know from process videos from other artists and by experimenting.

If you could give one piece of advice to all up-and-coming artists, what would it be?
Sounds cheesy, but just have fun! Keep experimenting with different techniques and mediums until you find your style and what brings you the most joy. If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? Stop comparing yourself to other artists. It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re trying something new and it doesn’t turn out how you expected it to. It’s okay to be a beginner. Keep learning and keep growing. 

What inspires your creativity?
My daughter, Lilinoe, is my biggest inspiration. She likes to say that her favorite color is rainbow and encourages me to make everything as colorful, sparkly, and glowy as possible. I also get inspiration from nature and my surroundings. Nature can inspire my color choices, like the colors in the sky as the sunrises, or the different shades of blue of the ocean. My daughter brought home a kalo (taro) plant from school which inspired one of my favorite coaster sets. I especially love to create pieces that have some connection to my home, Hawai‘i.


What is your favorite project that you've completed so far?
One of my favorite pieces I’ve completed so far is a hanging decorative serving board with a flowery moon design. The flower moon was made with resin and alcohol ink. The etching was done with Art ‘N Glow paint. It was beautiful as is, but I decided to place it in a serving board mold and add more to it. I layered more resin with Art ‘N Glow glow powder, glitter, and added a foil insert. I love the final product. The glow is amazing!

What’s your favorite color palette to work with?
Is rainbow a color palette? Rainbow or anything colorful is my go-to color scheme. I just love vibrant colors or a mix or soft pastels. Lilinoe likes to describe my art as “rainbow-ful.”

What would you say is the best part about being an artist? What about the most difficult?
The best part about being an artist is just being able to create! I have so much fun experimenting and developing new techniques. That moment when you remove a piece from a mold and flip it over to reveal what you made is so exciting. The most difficult part I would have to say is resin art is an expensive hobby! Also, sometimes it is hard to find the time to make art.


"Mahalo nui loa to everyone who has supported me throughout my resin art journey including my family, friends, and fellow artists on Instagram. Also, a special thanks to Art ‘N Glow. I’ve been able to make some awesome pieces using their glow powders!" 


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