Fluorescent Yellow Glow Powder

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This glow powder is yellow in normal light, fluoresces bright yellow under UV light, and glows pure yellow when all the lights go out. This powder glows a more accurate yellow than our daytime yellow-green powder, but it does not glow quite as brightly.

Unlike our daytime white glow powders, our fluorescent powders cannot be used in molten glass projects. The fluorescent pigment will burn and discolor if used in this application.

All of the glow powders sold by Art 'N Glow are encapsulated which means that they can be used in both solvent and water based mediums. Some of our competitors sell non encapsulated powders that will deteriorate in water based mediums (such as acrylic paint medium).


  • Glow Time: 6 hours
  • Size: 20-30 um (micron)
  • Strontium Aluminate, Fluorescent Pigment
  • Uses: Resin/rubber/plastic casting, glow paint pigment, etc.
  • 1 ounce = 30 grams
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light