Fluorescent Blue Glow Paint

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Use our fluorescent blue glow paint for a bright blue under UV light and a pure blue glow in the dark color.

If you are looking for the brightest true blue glow and don't need your paint to fluoresce under blacklight, then we recommend using our daytime white, sky blue glow paint instead. These paints glow very close to the same color but the blue dye in the fluorescent blue paint slightly reduces the brightness of the glow compared to the neutral color.

The background for the glowing octopus pictured was created by applying both fluorescent blue and fluorescent green glow paint in a mottled effect over white. Scroll through the images for the daytime version of the painting.

Please see our blog post Uses And Limitations Of Fluorescent Glow Paints and Pigments for detailed application notes and tips.

******All acrylic paints can be ruined by exposure to freezing temperatures. Please do not allow the paint to sit on your doorstep in freezing temperatures as it may solidify permanently.******


  • Glow Time: 6 hours
  • Material: Strontium Aluminate, Fluorescent Pigment, Acrylic Paint
  • Uses: Canvas, fabric, glass, wood painting. Star ceilings and wall murals.
  • 1 ounce = 1 fluid ounce = 30 ml
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light

Customer Reviews

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Angel Garcia
Amazing color

The color of the blue is absolutely gorgeous, and when it's under black light or glowing it's amazing, this is definitely one of the best glow paints they have, the paint is slight opeak so I would suggest layering up or using a base color, but the blue did great with out a base color definitely recommend

Excellent glow

Amazing afterglow these are mixed perfectly for effect. Best I’ve ever used.

Tom Wall
Just what I was Looking for to paint fishing lures

I looked at a lot of paint before I settled on Art-N-Glow. I am very happy with my purchase. I used 3 coats to paint small dots on several spinners. The glow lasted for several hours which is longer than I need. The paint was easy to apply. I coated the spinners with clear nail polish and that didn't diminish the glow. There are two main ingredients to a purchase like this. The product and the company. The product was perfect and I have complete confidence in the company. The Art-N-Glow website has lots of information and I feel if there was a problem this company would be very responsive.


I'm not great with paints and I worried that I was not good enough to use a paint like this but lo and behold it is simple to work with, any questions I had were quickly answered by email, and it works really well! I highly encourage anyone looking for glow in the dark paint to try this out!

Nancy Bray
Love this!

This is great! Most "glow colors" just show up green in the dark, regardless of color, but this was a nice blue glow! We used it in a commission piece and the client loved it. We would buy more.