Neutral Green Glow Paint

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This is the brightest glow color available. An off white day color yields to an extremely bright, long lasting yellow-green glow in the dark. This is the same color that is used for emergency signs all over the world because of its brilliance.

Our neutral colors dry clear for at least the first few coats so they are ideal for embellishing traditional paintings. The "Cocktails!" lettering pictured used two coats of yellow-green glow paint over solid white.

******All acrylic paints can be ruined by exposure to freezing temperatures. Please do not allow the paint to sit on your doorstep in freezing temperatures as it may solidify permanently.******


  • Glow Time: 12 hours
  • Material: Strontium Aluminate, Acrylic Paint
  • Uses: Canvas, fabric, glass, wood painting.  Star ceilings and wall murals.
  • 1 ounce = 1 fluid ounce = 30 ml
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light

Customer Reviews

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Roy Milton
Shines bright like a diamond!

First time ever using glow in the dark paints, but wow. I’m only using ArtNGlow from now on for all my specialty paint needs. Ordered this for a sneaker Stranger Things custom and it came out unbelievable. My client is gonna freak out when he sees them in the dark.

Joby Cummings
it's great for what I needed

Fun tip in using this paint... while brushing it on can be tricky being the particulates in the pigment are larger that normal paint they have a tendency to layer inconsistently and that's not a bad review at all, it's just the nature of how the pigment functions. I was painting smallish wooden stars and moons and discovered if I just dip them I get a nice consistent coat that glows very well. anyway.. love this.. it glows very bright and all night :) ... maybe this tip will help those doing small projects like this and want a smoother coat.

James Craighead
Never recieved

Weeks have passed by and still my order has not arrived. Don't make my mistake

Thank you for your feedback. Your order was placed on January 16th and was shipped on January 18th. It looks like the delay occurred with the USPS. According to USPS, your order was delivered on January 27th at 4:17pm. Please reach out to us at to let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Janine Roosa
perfect glow

This is such a nice glow, I'm going to use it on my tumblers

young koh
no. 1

best of best!