Neutral Aqua Glow Powder

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Our Aqua glow powder is white during the day and phosphoresces a bright Aqua color in the dark. Aqua is a favorite among glow colors due to its relaxing hue, high brightness, and long glow time.

All of the glow powders sold by Art 'N Glow are encapsulated which means that they can be used in both solvent and water based mediums. Some of our competitors sell non encapsulated powders that will deteriorate in water based mediums (such as acrylic paint medium).


  • Glow Time: 10 hours
  • Size: 20-30 um (micron)
  • Material: Strontium Aluminate
  • Uses: Resin/rubber/plastic casting, glow paint pigment, molten glass, etc.
  • 1 ounce = 30 grams
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Sara Hatfield

Gave such a vibrant glow. I'm very satisfied.

Lesley Loren
Great glow

This offers a great glow, better than any other glow powder that I've tried. In order to get the more intense, longer lasting glow, I have to mix a little more than suggested into my resin, but it's worth it!

Debra Buse
love it

Love this product I made a necklace for my yorkie so I can see her at night when she is in the yard

Tracie Raines

Amazing glow my favorite is the aqua

Top shelf!

I absolutely love love love this super intense glow powder! By far the best the other glow powders I have used in the past is garbage when shown beside art and glow powder! I will never use any but this from now on!