Neutral Aqua Glow Powder

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Our Aqua glow powder is white during the day and phosphoresces a bright Aqua color in the dark. Aqua is a favorite among glow colors due to its relaxing hue, high brightness, and long glow time.

All of the glow powders sold by Art 'N Glow are encapsulated which means that they can be used in both solvent and water based mediums. Some of our competitors sell non encapsulated powders that will deteriorate in water based mediums (such as acrylic paint medium).


  • Glow Time: 10 hours
  • Size: 20-30 um (micron)
  • Material: Strontium Aluminate
  • Uses: Resin/rubber/plastic casting, glow paint pigment, molten glass, etc.
  • 1 ounce = 30 grams
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light

Customer Reviews

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Rosanna Simeone
Wonderful product

Love this product. It is great. I'm using on my rocks for Halloween 🎃. I think the kids will flip for the glow surprise

Shanna Bandalos
Best glow powder!

I buy nothing but ArtnGlow powders. They r bright and affordable!

Cristina Nash

There is no other company I trust more to buy glow in the dark pigment powder from then Art'N Glow. The glow is amazing and my customers love it. The aqua glow is bright when charged properly.

Colleen B

We recently created a backyard pergola/porch and acid stained the concrete to look like a coral reef with water and rocks/land. We mixed the glow powder with turquoise glitter for the "water" areas. Stained, sealed, sprinkled, epoxied. It looks amazing both in the day and night. The glow at night is beautiful. Highly recommended!

S Kh
childhood remind

The product Glow bright in couple of min than it reduce its glow with in 3-7 min than dramatically fall.Not long time glow. hope Art glow develop a product which glow long time in fullest.overall its ok. I try it in Sunlight

Hi! Thank you for your feedback :) Our glow in the dark products must be charged with either sunlight or UV light to see their brightest glow - regular indoor lighting is typically not strong enough to charge most of our glow colors to their full potential. Try taking your glow product outdoors into the sun for a few minutes, and then bringing it indoors to a completely dark room to see its true glowing effect. With a full charge we would expect our Neutral Aqua glow powder to glow up to 10 hours on a full charge from a UV light or sunlight. If this is not your experience, please reach out to us at and we would be happy to be of further assistance :)