9 LED UV Flashlight

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Our 9 LED ultraviolet flashlight will get you glowing in no time. From paintings to powders to glass, this light has you covered.

  • Includes three AAA batteries
  • 395nm wavelength is ideal for charging all of our glow in the dark products in seconds
  • Aluminum construction with an on/off tail switch
  • Can also be used to find stains around the house

Customer Reviews

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great products, thank you

great shipping

As I haven't used it yet, all I can really say is they have great customer service and they ship fast.

9 LED UV Flashlight

Exactly what I was looking for, works great.

Will Buy Again... And Again...And Again...

I know this is just for the Light but I'm happy with ALL the things I bought. Overall-Awesome products! I bought sky blue, green and purple, Purple is a little difficult to see, I think I may need more than 2 coats... But the other two were very visible-Green being the brightest. The paint spread very easily, but if you are mixing with other paints on canvas (ex. Acrylic blue with Sky Blue) then you kind of have to work with it so it doesn't clump up. But overall, I loved all the paint and the little light I bought as well, very helpful with "recharging" the painting after you're done as well as helping me during painting so I know what I was doing. it comes with batteries, AAA, so I know I can easily replace them if needed. I would absolutely buy again and again and again! :)

Great little flashlight

The title really says it all. I find it very handy when I am working with the glow products as the on and off button is located on the top of the flashlight, and is easy to turn on and off with things other than my hands, as they are often covered in paint/gunk/other various art supplies. (I'm a messy artist who tends to blend and paint with her fingers..lol)

It produces a very bright charge of UV light.