Red to Yellow Thermochromic Pigment

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Each order includes 20 grams of thermochromic pigment powder which will transition from one color to another at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Our color changing pigment is packaged in a recloseable zip lock bag for your convenience.

The maximum particle size of our thermochromic powder is less than 10 microns. This is the ideal size for general craft projects including resin/epoxy, paintings, murals, wax, jewelry making, etc. Since all of our powders are waterproof, they can be used in water based mediums like acrylic paints without any issues.

• Changes from color at the temperature indicated 
• Size: <10 um (micron) (suitable for use in most spray guns)
• Material: Thermochromic spheres
• Longevity: Can switch colors thousands of times. Extended exposure to ultraviolet light will degrade color changing properties
• Uses: Resin/rubber/plastic casting, children’s slime and goo, paint pigment, fishing lures, furniture, clothing, costumes and props, murals, industrial applications, nail polish, wax, glue, glaze, etc. 
• Quantity: 20 grams 
• Safety: Non-toxic. Do not ingest or inhale. 
• Please note that your skin may or may not be warm enough to change the color depending on ambient conditions 
• What’s included: Thermochromic powder in a reclosable plastic bag, application cheat sheet, and links to additional tips and resources

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Cristie Colin
      Flawless ❤️

      I love this yellow to red. It can be adjusted to look like a peach when mixed in lower doses. It's so perfect 🥰 I make dip powders so it matters to me what my products look like. I recommend.. thank you @sugarbottomcustomnaildippowder

      Love thermal powders!

      I have tried 3 of thermal powders. I like them all. I’ll be trying more!


      Great product that works wonderfully!! Used it in resin and got worried at first, since resin heats when curing, the color remained yellow for hours. Woke up the next morning to see it had cured correctly and my items were red. I love the huge difference in color change with this one!

      Susan Volkert
      Great product

      Love it! Changes color very nicely

      Jesica Junge

      Ordered a few items and they were all what I expected and arrived quickly!