Bronze Pearl Pigment

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Make your projects stand out! Add a metallic effect that will bring depth and a reflective nature to your masterpiece. This high-quality, pearlescent pigment can be used in projects such as: marble effects, resin/epoxy casting, paintings, murals, DIY slime, jewelry making, wax, etc. We are a locally-owned, small business and will gladly answer any application questions regarding our products. With our 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, you can be confident that we care about making sure that our product meets your needs.  


  • .88 ounces (25 grams)
  • Hand-packaged in the USA
  • Re-seable zipper pouch
  • Size: 10-60 um (microns)
  • Non-Toxic
  • Made with naturally-occurring minerals

    Customer Reviews

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    Just Beautiful

    Nicely saturated color - a great choice 👍🏻

    Monica Wohl-Schneider

    I love the new pigments!! Rather dry, mixed in resin, or a finished product... this color is breathtaking. I have included some photos below to show you what the product looks like in all three forms.

    This, as all their powders, is easy to mix, produces a vibrant color, and is a delight to work with. The company is fantastic, the products are #1, and I cannot recommend them enough.