Fluorescent Purple Glow Powder

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This phosphorescent pigment is purple during the day, bright purple under ultraviolet light, and glows bluish purple in the dark. 

All of the glow powders sold by Art 'N Glow are encapsulated which means that they can be used in both solvent and water based mediums. Some of our competitors sell non encapsulated powders that will deteriorate in water based mediums (such as acrylic paint medium).


  • Glow Time: 6 hours
  • Size: 20-30 um (micron)
  • Strontium Aluminate, Fluorescent Pigment
  • Uses: Resin/rubber/plastic casting, glow paint pigment, etc.
  • 1 ounce = 30 grams
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Darla Caruso
Love it!

The best glow powder I've ever tried.. I use this in my resin art, for keychains and other things. The glow lasts for hours.

Jesecca Williams
we love glow

we really like the glow powder we made glow paint did our whole ceiling in it and we take blue lazar lights and draw all over when our showing others we love it tho we make everything glow

Annye Bone
Just WOW.

This fluorescent purple powder is out of sight 💜 The color is amazing and when it's gotten enough sunlight, the glow is pretty amazing as well. This is my second purchase of this, and when that's gone I'll be coming back for more!

Anne marie Johnson-Griffis
Purple glow powder

I’m so glad I found this company! So many other brands claim their powder glows and it doesn’t but this brand is the game changer!! It only takes a little bit of light to make it glow! The powder is extremely fine like baby powder and I love the good sturdy bag it comes in! No worries of a tear or puncture in a flimsy bag. This is my 3 color or Art ‘N Glow and will buy from them from now on! They are the best

Leonard Wells

DEEPEST BEAUTIFUL PURPLE !!!! Five star, cannot recommend highly enough.