UV LED Keychain

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Use our ultraviolet keychain flashlight to quickly charge your all of your glow in the dark art or supplies. From paintings to powders this light has you covered. Squeeze to turn on or slide the switch for continuous light.

You may also want to consider our 9 LED flashlight which is only a few dollars more. It puts out a lot more light and has a wider beam for faster charging of larger items.

Customer Reviews

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Jack Wallin
glow powder & keychains

We love your products. We did a coffee table with glowing spaces for a Grandson and he loves it. Sending the key chain with our orders was awesome! We ordered more keychains because we are putting glowing tops on top of puzzle boxes for 5 grandkids.

Roxanne Schloss
black light key chain

Love, love, love this!! I give a key chain as an extra gift with my art work!

Virginia Cocayne
Great Addition

When I finish each creation and a human being is in receipt of it, it's a "great addition" to their purchase to "charge" the light out of the piece so it glows.

Monica Wohl-Schneider
My second review, unexpectedly!

I have to give this company Kudo's. They surprised me today.

I wrote a previous review on a fluke of a flashlight I received in my last order from them. Today, I opened a new order, and there was a replacement flashlight, without me asking for one!

This one works fantastically. There are no issues whatsoever on the button depression and light produced from it.

Thank you, folks at Art n Glo. As usual, your customer service shines just at much as your product. :)

Monica Wohl-Schneider
Maybe I got a fluke?

I have to admit, I was not overly impressed with this key chain light. The button to activate the light was really touchy, and you could only press in it one spot at the edge of it to get it to light up, instead of depressing the whole button for light. It is hard to maintain the pressure on that one little spot for any period of time. Other than that issue, this small little key chain is perfect for car keys, or to demonstrate what type of a glow something has when you are away from a UV light.

I didn't contact the company on this, as I was so impressed with everything else, this isn't even a blip on my radar when it comes to my opinion of the company. I only write this review because my email asked me to. :) Again, I believe mine was a fluke.