Short Handle Brush Set

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These are the perfect brushes for our 12x12 canvas paintings. Synthetic bristles make these brushes ideal for use with acrylic paints. Expect smooth application and long life out of these brushes with proper care. Just rinse with soap and water and they'll be ready for your next painting!

Six brushes and a brush pouch are included:
  • Size 4 and 6 Shader
  • Size 3/4 inch flat
  • Size 1 Liner
  • Size 3/0 and 2 Round

We've found this to be a great combination that allows you to put paint down both quickly and accurately. These brushes work great for larger canvases as well.

Customer Reviews

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Tobias RW Brown
Who Agh

Perfect little set of brushes I wanted for my "Very Special" Glow Paints! I love the synthetic bristles and the easy clean-up! I was a hair stylist for 19 years and god help the soul who used my scissors for cutting anything but hair! The same goes for my special set of brushes. But in actuality my main concern, seeing that I live alone, is my 3 live in companions. My Chihuahua's. Their little eyes really started to "Glow" when they saw the kewl little pouch pack, thinking they were nyla-bones for them! Hugs Tobias R.W. Brown Eloy AZ

Philroy Brown

they were the right price ang held but I still am not sure of the recomended cleaning method

Henri Eastman
brushes & all

The complete order arrived on time and we used the paint on limestone carving.
we are yet to receive a sealant to protect the paint applied. If anyone knows of a sealant, please contact us at we would be grateful for any input.