Neutral Aqua Glow Paint

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Aqua and green are two of the most popular glow in the dark paint colors due to their beautiful color and the fact that they are the two brightest, longest lasting glow colors. Both of these neutral colors dry clear for at least the first few coats. The cocktail glass pictured used two coats of each color over solid white.

Aqua is a very versatile color for any painting as it can be used for water, a daytime sky (when when brushed on consistently), or for stars in a night sky or space mural.

Pro Tip: To create amazing star fields in just minutes, use a splatter brush (or an extra toothbrush) and some toothpicks to apply aqua paint to an otherwise unpainted (with glow paint that is) canvas, ceiling, or wall.


  • Glow Time: 10 hours
  • Material: Strontium Aluminate, Acrylic Paint
  • Uses: Canvas, fabric, glass, wood painting.  Star ceilings and wall murals.
  • 1 ounce = 1 fluid ounce = 30 ml
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light

Customer Reviews

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Very bright glow. Even just sitting on the table the light from the window many feet away was enough to set it glowing. Can even see the glow a bit in daylight (makes the paint underneath appear lighter), but it really shines in the dark. The glow is almost bright enough to read by. I can't wait to think of more ways to use this.

Bright blue glow

It is a very nice bright blue glow, the neutral colors all have a vibrant and vivid glow.

Great paint!

We painted a spiral galaxy and star field on our bedroom ceiling. It looks awesome and glows all night! Shipping was fast and they even included a mini uv light!


Neutral Aqua Glow Paint

I tried this as an experiment, and was overjoyed with the results.

As with the review from The Stonewitch, I tried the powder first. While I LOVED what the powder produced, I wanted to see if I would get better results using the crystals that was mixed with their medium (the paint), instead of the medium I was using.

I found that they both produced amazing results.

The crystals in a clear gloss medium went on to produce a smoother look (less lines to correct for even application), but required more coats, as it was a thinner medium. The paint took a lot less material to cover the product, but I had to make sure I was careful about smoothing it out more, as it was a thicker medium.

I also work with a type of thermoplastic, which is a non-porous material, which is not the traditional product this material would be painted onto. It did AMAZINGLY well for the limitation it was presented with.

The paint for me is purely a convenience item. I don't have to measure and mix the crystals into a medium, I can just open a jar and go. I will be ordering both products again in the future, as I plan on using the paint to paint, and I usually add the powder (dry) to spots I do want a little more emphasis on the glow.

In the pictures below I have two types and two stages of the candles I make. The one that is fully covered in aqua is the finished product. The one that has glow "peeking" out from under the wax is a work in progress, and this was the first coat of the paint. As you see, the glow is strong regardless of how many layers you apply.