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Meet Denise Weninger, otherwise known as @Deniselicious_ on social media. She's a self-taught mixed media painter with a passion for glow in the dark! Join us as we get to know more about her artwork and the inspiration behind it.

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REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE - GLOW! Follow artist Enface step-by-step to transform your scrap papers into new sheets of upcycled and unique handmade paper using our glow in the dark powders and a few other materials! This is a fun project for the whole family - kids will have tons watching their drawings come to life as the lights go off and their paper shines bright! It's also a great way to teach about recycling and upcycling. Here's what you'll need: Glow in the dark powder Scrap paper Warm water Large bowl Mixing utensil Measuring spoon for glow powder Sheet...

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Click here to purchase our glow in the dark powder!We are extremely excited to have two of our products (neutral white glow powder and our 9 LED UV flashlight) be an integral part in an awesome lesson plan that was made by one of our customers. This lesson plan lets students figure out and demonstrate the difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence as well as see how different wavelengths of light affect each mechanism of luminescence. The entire plan is available here: I would like to give a huge shout out to Jamie Sorrell of Sumrall High School and to Michael Hipp of...

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