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Click here to purchase our resin and glow in the dark powder!Making things glow in the dark is a spook-tacular way to light up the night this Hallow's Eve! Learn how to make wicked awesome Glow in the Dark signs by watching the video below, which includes a step-by-step for you to follow along. Materials Needed Art 'N Glow Epoxy Resin Kit Art 'N Glow - Glow Powder White and Black Acrylic Paint Assorted Paintbrushes Several Small Disposable Cups Stirring Sticks leveling Tool Artist's Torch Latex, Rubber, or Nylon Gloves Sandpaper (optional) Step 1: Your first step is to choose the sign...

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Click here to purchase our resin and glow in the dark powder!Glow powder can be used to make all kinds of art projects shine. Literally. If you are looking for spooky projects - including decorations and costumes - for Halloween, then strontium aluminate glow powder from Art 'N Glow can be a great way to add a glow. (Strontium aluminate powder is biologically and chemically inert and thus non-toxic). Here are some awesome ideas you can incorporate for Halloween this year: 1. Avoid carving those pumpkins. If your kids are too young to be trusted with the knife, then carving all of their intricate and impractical...

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Click here to purchase our glow in the dark paint!Halloween is such a fun time of the year with the decorations and costumes! Our product line of glow paints is the perfect combination for the Halloween season as glow in the dark paints can add depth, mystery, and creativity to your existing decorations and costumes!  Not sure where to begin? The possibilities are truly endless but here are nine ideas for how you can use glow paints for your Halloween festivities this year! 1. Face Masks Use glow in the dark paints on a white face mask (our paints glow brighter on a...

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