Glow Paint Variety Packs

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Our glow in the dark paint packs are the best way to get an assortment of colors for your next project. We offer the lowest cost per color available anywhere! Each variety pack consists of four 1/6 ounce paint pots and is ideal for creating daytime invisible glow effects over a regular acrylic painting or any other preexisting image.

Every glow paint variety pack also includes a UV LED key chain light to charge up the paints.  Perfect for parties!

Use sponges to create galaxy and shimmering water effects or use our splatter brush and toothpicks with aqua glow paint to create hundreds of stars in minutes.

Here are just some of the ways that you can use each of the colors:

Space Colors (Daytime white except for fluorescent pink)
White Glow- moon, reflections, clouds, object highlights. Not typically used for splatter stars; use Aqua instead as it is brighter and more realistic as stars actually have a bluish hue when viewed in the night sky

Aqua Glow- splatter stars, shade of gray or light blue, sponge galaxies, base layer for glow planets when applied in several coats with a brush

Dark Blue Glow- sponge galaxies, glow planets, dimmer splatter stars for 3 dimensional effects

Fluorescent Pink/Red Orange Glow- sponge galaxies, planets

Spectrum (Daytime White)
Neutral Green- the brightest, longest lasting glow color available. Glows bright yellow-green

Neutral Aqua- the second longest lasting glow available. Glows bright aqua

Neutral Sky Blue- closest to a true blue glow. Close to the same hue as fluorescent blue but glows a little brighter

Neutral Dark Blue/Violet- glows a deep, dark blue.  Can appear purple under certain conditions. This is one of the weaker glow colors but it is a beautiful color and contrasts nicely with the brighter colors.

Fluorescent (Daytime Fluorescent)
Fluorescent Yellow- fluoresces bright yellow under black light, closest to a true yellow glow. Great for a sun in the sky, flowers, neon signs, sandy beaches, etc.

Fluorescent Orange- fluoresces bright orange under black light, glows yellow orange. Great for sunsets, orange animals, etc.

Fluorescent Green- fluoresces bright green under black light, closest to a true green glow. Great for trees, grass, etc. Use with sky, dark, or fluorescent blue to make an image of the earth as viewed from space!

Fluorescent Blue- fluoresces bright blue under black light, glows blue.  Great for creating the sky or water.

Please see our blog post Uses And Limitations Of Fluorescent Glow Paints and Pigments for detailed application notes and tips that are specific to the fluorescent paint colors.