Create Your Own Painting (Non Glow)

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Our "painting in a box" kit comes with everything you need to create a masterpiece at home. Better yet, set up a party with your friends or organizations to take advantage of our volume pricing discounts!

Whether by yourself or with 20 friends, you'll have a blast letting your creativity run wild.  

Use the included mixing sticks to create any color you can imagine from the eight primary colors that are included with the kit.

Included in every order are:

  • One 12x12 stretched cotton canvas
  • Eight primary acrylic paint colors that can be mixed into any color you want. 1 ounce total
  • Six synthetic bristle paint brushes
  • A star spatter brush and toothpicks for three dimensional star effects
  • Disposable plates and eight craft sticks for mixing paints


  • An easel is not needed but you can add one as an option if you'd like
  • You will receive 0.125 ounces of each color of paint. This may not sound like a lot, but a little goes a very long way.  We were able to completely cover an entire 12x12 canvas with ONE 0.125 ounce pot of paint!
  • The galaxy and star effects in our sample image were created with a sponge and a spatter brush respectively. The sponge is not included in the kit but can be added as an option.
  • We highly recommend adding an extra canvas to your order as each kit has more than enough paint for two paintings and your cost per painting will go down significantly
  • The only thing's you'll need to get started painting are a disposable water cup and some paper towels. We'd send you these too if it didn't double the shipping cost.
  • If you are planning to host a painting party, you may also want to add a disposable table cover and aprons to your order