Aluminum Table Top Easel And Display Stand

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  • $ 19.95

We love this table easel for it's compact size, low cost, and modern design.

Once you're done painting you can also use this easel to display your art on a table or shelf!

The "wings" support your painting better than a standard 3 legged easel would and make it useable with canvases all the way up to 20 inches across.

Pro tip:  You may get some paint on the bottom of the easel while painting. If you intend to use this as a display stand, take five seconds at the end of your session to paint over that rogue paint with black to make it like new again.

Please note that a 12x12 canvas will not completely cover the "wings" so please be aware of that if you are planning to use this as a display stand. For a truly professional presentation, check out our selection of frames.