Acrylic Paint Medium

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Use Art 'N Glow's acrylic medium to create your own paint blends. This recipe was created specifically for use with any of our glow powders but may work well with many types of heavier pigments such as metal flakes, glitters, glass, pumice, sand, etc.

To make glow in the dark paint, we recommend mixing 1 part powder to 4 parts paint (2 oz of powder to 8 ounces of paint medium).  Each jar of medium is 8 fluid ounces.

Though white in the jar, this paint dries perfectly clear if left unpigmented.  Experiment with different ratios of pigment to paint for varying levels of transparency.

Our acrylic paint medium is slightly thicker than traditional gloss medium or varnish to prevent heavier pigments (like glow powder) from settling.

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Great Glow Products

I have started working with powders and their Acrylic Paint base makes it so much easier than epoxy. No mixing mess.


Excellent service, cares about their customers.
Thank you

Similar to acrylic glazing liquid

It worked well. I blended glow powders in with a palette knife as needed and used a small brush to paint on top of existing acrylic paintings. I tried different ratios, and settled on almost 1:1 for stronger effect. It does seem a little thicker than an acrylic glazing liquid, but I think a standard acrylic glazing liquid would have worked, too; will experiment in future. Also, time will tell how long this medium lasts- I'm paranoid it will start to dry out faster than I would like, since I experienced that with the glow paint I had left over from a mural project a year+ back. Picture: Top is regular light, middle is under black light, bottom is in the dark after charging well.