Neutral Red Glow Paint

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Orange and red are two of the most special glow in the dark paint colors due to their rarity and much different color than the blue green spectrum you typically get from glow in the dark materials. Both of these neutral colors dry clear for at least the first few coats. Please note that neither color glows for very long.  Red glows for about 5 to 10 minutes.

******All acrylic paints can be ruined by exposure to freezing temperatures. Please do not allow the paint to sit on your doorstep in freezing temperatures as it may solidify permanently.******


  • Glow Time: Less than an hour. Very high initial brightness and color that quickly fade after only a few minutes.
  • Material: Strontium Aluminate, Acrylic Paint
  • Uses: Canvas, fabric, glass, wood painting.  Star ceilings and wall murals.
  • 1 ounce = 1 fluid ounce = 30 ml
  • Best charged in the sun or with an ultraviolet/black light

Customer Reviews

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Autumn Caravona

I like the fact that you can’t tell what color it will glow until you charge it! It’s really easy to use and glows beautifully!

Christopher Hammond
Great stuff!

Very cool effect on my tabletop minis. Definitely have recommended to my fellow gamers!

Little disappointed

Was looking for Red glow in the dark paint for a project and was really hoping this would work. It looks more pink/orange than it does red. Kind of bummed but oh well.

Hello Christian,
We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback! We are sorry to hear that you did not achieve the vibrant red glow we would expect from our Neutral Red glow paint. If you would like to reach out to us at we would be happy to help provide troubleshooting or tips that would help you achieve your desired look.

Great Product

Great products, all colors. Strontium Aluminate makes all the difference. The glow lasts for hours !!!
I'll be back

nicole lr
pretty good 😌

I can actually see the red!! hopefully i lit it up enough but trust me you dont get a good glow from any other red from your traditional micheal's or anything