Thanksgiving Day Glow Fun: Family Activity Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Glow Fun: Family Activity Ideas

Thanksgiving is the one day out of the year when it's socially acceptable to stuff your face with delicious foods all day long. It's also a day when family members young and old take a pause in their crazy daily lives to all come together to hang out, watch football, and make lasting memories together under one roof. If you're looking to spice things up this Thanksgiving, you've come to the right place.

Art 'N Glow has amazing glow in the dark paints and glow in the dark powders waiting to be unleashed on your already owned favorite family activities. Let's take a look at all the ways you can transform items into a super fun and glowing good time....and not break the bank doing it.

Glow In The Dark Sports

Thanksgiving is known for having football games going all day long. After you've watched them, show off your own skills in the dark! Simply start by painting your favorite football white. Our Glow in the Dark paint shows up best on a light colored surface. Select your favorite Glow in the Dark paint color and give your football a couple coats of glow paint for maximum brightness. Charge your football with our ultraviolet light or any UV flashlight/black light. Some white LED flashlights will work too! If football isn't your thing try painting a frisbee, golf balls, or baseballs. Add some additional creativity by painting custom designs on them or painting your favorite team logo.

Glow In The Dark Capture the Flag

Everyone loves a fun game of capture the flag. Divide into two teams and paint nerf darts, team bases, flags, and vests a different color for each team. Run, protect, shoot, and try to bring the other flag back to your base without getting shot! The glow in the dark element will add a new and exciting vibe to the classic game.

Glow Puzzle

Maybe grandma doesn't want to participate in a game of capture the flag, that's okay! There's plenty of fun waiting for her too. Paint puzzle pieces on a new or old puzzle and watch her eyes light right up as she works to solve it. Younger kids can help too, or you can make them their own age-appropriate puzzles. Puzzles are a great activity that all ages can enjoy together.

Fall Leaf Glow Craft

Kids will love this simple craft. Have fun going on an adventure around the yard collecting fall leaves! After you've collected them, paint them with our glow in the dark paints. Kids can then glue them onto paper, create unique cards, or string them (with needle/thread and the help of an adult) to hang in their bedroom or across the fireplace mantle! Acorns also make a great painting option.

These are just a few suggestions of ways to use our amazing glow products, you can use the paint on anything your heart desires. Make this Thanksgiving one for the record books and experiment with some unique glow activities. Kids and adults will be amazed by the results, and your family just may find a new holiday tradition!

Make sure to visit the Art 'N Glow store and check out all of our incredible glow paints and glow powders. The possibilities are endless. Tag @artnglow and use the hashtag #artnglow on social media to let us know what you create!


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