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Meet Megan Hogeman, otherwise known as @MissMeggieArt on social media. She is a multitalented artist who creates everything from pyrography/woodworking to mixed media art with epoxy resin, alcohol inks, acrylic paints and mica powders!  Join us to learn more about this amazing artist!

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Meet Brittni Peercy, otherwise known as @lilinoesunriseink on social media. She's a talented resin artist who's inspiration comes from her daughter and spectacular Hawaiian sunrises! Join us as we get to know more about this multitalented artist.

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Click here to purchase our epoxy resin! Few things exist that are more satisfying than creating a bubble-free resin piece that is flawlessly cured. On the contrary, few things are more frustrating than working tirelessly on a piece, and the result being less than satisfying. No artist enjoys putting time, effort, and passion into a piece, and it coming out sticky, covered in a layer of jelly-like goo, or filled with bubbles. So, whether you have worked with resin before, and want to perfect your craft, or have recently learned of this mystifying medium and are attempting to build the courage...

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