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Art 'N Glow was inspired by science and nature, so we love to encourage new ideas and educational endeavors and watch them come to life! Lunar Gala 2019 is just one of the many different events that Art 'N Glow has sponsored. Learn all about the event straight from the students involved!

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Click here to purchase Art 'N Glow Epoxy Resin! Click here to purchase our pearl pigments! Art ‘N Glow Epoxy Resin can be used to create a variety of easily sellable and fun items.  Resin is used to make fluid art, charms, toys, jewelry, carpentry art, we have even seen luthiers making guitar finishes with epoxy resin.  The best part of our epoxy resin is that it is easy to cast into a silicone mold, all you need is some Art ‘N Glow Epoxy Resin and Pigment Powder!   What will we be Creating Today? Today we will be casting...

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Click here to purchase our glow in the dark powder!Anybody who has been on Instagram or YouTube lately can see the upward trend of DIY slime. Many people don’t understand the internet’s obsession – especially kids’ and teens’ – with slime. The slime trend is sticking around. Now everyone wants to make some slime of their own. The modern version of slime has people hooked. It’s definitely a fun science project for people of all ages. What is Slime? Consider slime to be the modern or upgraded version of play dough. Only slime is not used for building or structuring like play...

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