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Adding epoxy resin to wood-burned artwork gives the piece a glossy, professional finish! A clear coat of resin also provides added protection from general wear or scratches. Let's follow along with woodburning artist @alyoopsartistry as she coats one of her breathtaking pieces using Art 'N Glow epoxy resin.

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REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE - GLOW! Follow artist Enface step-by-step to transform your scrap papers into new sheets of upcycled and unique handmade paper using our glow in the dark powders and a few other materials! This is a fun project for the whole family - kids will have tons watching their drawings come to life as the lights go off and their paper shines bright! It's also a great way to teach about recycling and upcycling. Here's what you'll need: Glow in the dark powder Scrap paper Warm water Large bowl Mixing utensil Measuring spoon for glow powder Sheet...

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