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Be the talk of the block by creating a spooky Glow in the Dark yard this Halloween season. Our Glow in the Dark paint is the perfect solution for all the fun things you find in the stores for your yard. Purchase products such as skull heads, tombstones, bats, witches, and mummies for your yard and add a layer of Glow in the Dark paint to your lawn ornaments. Our paint will be charged by the sun in your yard during the day and glow brightly through the night giving your yard the perfect Halloween charm. We love this Halloween...

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Can I use the sun to charge my outdoor glow painting, sculpture, resin casting etc.? The easy answer to this question is that yes the sun will absolutely charge any glow in the dark material very well. That being said, there is more to consider when planning to use phosphorescent materials outdoors. First, while the sun will charge your paint or powder to its full potential, it doesn’t instantly go from bright and sunny to pitch black outside. What happens instead is that the sun gradually sets and it doesn’t get really dark until pretty late in the evening. This...

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Thanks for checking out our top tips on how to paint with glow! Glow in the dark paint is extremely rewarding to work with but requires some special considerations to get the best results. We've compiled this list from our firsthand experience and feedback from our customers in hopes of saving you time, frustration, and even some money. We've got lots to cover so let's get started! Most of our paints go on nearly invisible for the first few coats. The neutral (daytime white) glow paints will go on invisible for the first two or three coats and the fluorescent colors...

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