New Partner: Night View Art

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New Partner: Night View Art

We are excited to partner with Tanya at Night View Art.  From now on she'll be using Art 'N Glow pigments in her amazing murals, posters, and decals.  

Her concept is especially cool as you can have all the beauty of a glow in the dark painting in your own home without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for an artist to travel there.

She sells her works of art on Etsy here:

Here are just a few examples of her awesome work!

A comet streaking through the night sky

Glow in the Dark Shooting Star

Manatees lounging around

glow in the dark mural

And check out how the manatee painting is nearly invisible during the day!

invisible by day

In addition to posters, she sells DIY star mural kits.  Just peel and stick the stars to create a vast starscape on your bedroom ceiling.

DIY Star Kit: FULL Bedroom Ceiling -Glow in the Dark - Peel and Stick - Hand Painted Glows ALL night long

Very cool stuff and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next!


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