Halloween Inspiration with Glow Powder

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Halloween Inspiration with Glow Powder

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Glow powder can be used to make all kinds of art projects shine. Literally. If you are looking for spooky projects - including decorations and costumes - for Halloween, then strontium aluminate glow powder from Art 'N Glow can be a great way to add a glow. (Strontium aluminate powder is biologically and chemically inert and thus non-toxic).

Here are some awesome ideas you can incorporate for Halloween this year:

1. Avoid carving those pumpkins. If your kids are too young to be trusted with the knife, then carving all of their intricate and impractical designs can leave you exhausted. Using glow in the dark powder and glue spray you can instead decorate the outside of the pumpkin with any pattern you want to create a glow in the dark pumpkin. Search the web for amazing templates you can use on pumpkins.

2. Give out glowing Halloween cards. These might be good for party invitations, for somebody with a Halloween birthday or just for your favorite trick-or-treaters.

3. For a more complicated project - and one which you can keep reusing next year - make a glowing cutting board. You can create a cutting board from scratch which would require shop skills and equipment. Alternatively, you can use an existing cutting board or pick one up at a store. You can also use our resin to create a unique design on your cutting board for a beautiful unique piece for your kitchen.

4. You could use a similar idea to the glowing cutting board by creating a glow in the dark wooden bowl for a really cool candy dispenser. We recommend first painting your bowl white as glow in the dark powders and paints show up better on a white surface. Once that is completed you can begin incorporating glow in the dark powder. Leave your bowl outside in the sun to charge the powder and watch it glow all through the night.

5. Resin cast jewelry. You will need a resin mold, but it's still easy enough for the kids to help with. You can make the design on them with clear-backed stickers or paint (stickers are easier) and then glue on loops to attach them to chains, making pendants.

You can probably come up with all kinds of other ideas, particularly involving resin casting (which is easier than you think). Glow powder comes in all kinds of colors - for Halloween spookiness, we recommend yellow-green, fluorescent green and, of course, pumpkin orange.

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  • Alex

    Hi Patty,

    I’d love to be able to help brainstorm how you can accomplish this project! Feel free to email us about it at info@artnglow.com!

  • Patty Jacks

    i wanted to burnish an elephant pendant with a green cast. I had been able to purchase a bracelet and earrings of elephants, burnished green! But I could not find a necklace, pendant burnished green.
    Can you give me some ideas? I’ve never done this before.

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