Earn Glowing Praise This Thanksgiving

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Earn Glowing Praise This Thanksgiving

Autumn and its dazzling displays of multi-colored leaves signal our favorite time of year. Yes, Thanksgiving is the holiday on everyone's mind--the holiday that marks the official opening of our annual season of magic.

Our romanticism with the holidays are the visual effects, and what better place to feature a feast for the eyes than your home?  Creating your family's magical holiday is easier than ever with crafts that create memories for a lifetime.

One favorite holiday activity is collecting the prettiest, most colorful leaves to make unique gifts that are not only beautiful and eye-catching but also functional. There are many custom projects for the ambitious crafter that engage the entire family in the process of collecting leaves, twigs, pine cones, and berries to dry. The first step is to place the items in the pages of a book or between papers and adding a weight, until dry.

To help fire up your imagination, here are some Thanksgiving projects you can do with your family with the leaves you have collected:

  • Autumn's Awesome Artwork

Bring out your inner artist when you gather and arrange your dried items on a canvas. Cover the entire canvas and leaves with a layer of resin and allow to dry. Choose a favorite glow paint or powder color (you can mix glow powder with any fun acrylic paints you have around the house) to make your artwork pop when the lights are out. You might write family names, a favorite saying, motto, or quote, and add your own designs. Let the paint dry until it's no longer visible, then coat with another layer of resin to seal the paint. Keep your canvas under a UV light source to charge the paints and watch your canvas come to life at night.

  • Centerpieces

As the focal point of your table, centerpieces for the Thanksgiving feast create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Utilizing both natural and artificial items (gourds, nuts, silk flowers) an inexpensive and impressive centerpiece enhances the beauty of the season. Using glow powders and paints will reflect an artfully arranged candle-lit centerpiece. An inexpensive dollar store plastic serving dish or basket, coated with glow paints or glow powders makes an attractive base and adds an ambiance to your Thanksgiving table.

  • Magical Fall Frames

Enhance the magic of Thanksgiving with your imagination and our resins and paints. A yard-sale or thrift store 'treasure' of an old paneled window can be embellished with colorful leaves, dried herbs, nuts, and berries. Pour a thin layer of resin and allow to dry. This will serve as a backing to your frame so make sure to pour into onto a non-stick surface. Arrange items, then apply glow paint messages or designs. When the paint is dry, apply a final coat of resin. Use a UV Flashlight to charge your painting at night to see your glow in the dark message or design appear in the window frame!

Candle Centerpiece

  • Additional Ideas

Use the bottom portion of plastic milk cartons for molds for small "stepping-stones". Paperweights and "nightlights" can be given as gifts and placed so guests find their way to the kitchen for a late night snack.

By charging your artwork with a UV light source, you can look forward to glowing praise for your Thanksgiving decor when the lights dim and its time to remember why we're so thankful for our country, our family, and friends.

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