Creating Fun Halloween Table Decorations With Resin Molds

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Creating Fun Halloween Table Decorations With Resin Molds

Needing some ideas on how to decorate for your favorite spooky holiday? You can find many pre-made molds with Halloween related themes by searching the internet and then purchasing Resin from Art 'N Glow to create table decorations for your home.

One Halloween related mold we found online is this Skull Shaped Pumpkins Mold from Sling Fisher:

The resulting mold once Resin has been used would like something like this example:

Get creative with your Resin casting by adding different types of paint, glitter, and/or Glow in the Dark powder from Art 'N Glow.

You can also get creative with decorations you already own around the house. Take for example this custom Resin mold created by @resin_relics:


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You are looking at an object that was cast in resin and he also added some skull beads into the mold for an additional layer of  texture to his object. How fun! 

What can you add to your Resin molds to spice up your decorations this year? Make sure to share your creations with us by tagging @artnglow on social media!


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