3 Quick and Easy Glow in the Dark Projects

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3 Quick and Easy Glow in the Dark Projects

Crafts are fun to make. They're even more fun when your project glows in the dark. We have created four projects using both our Glow in the Dark Paint and Glow in the Dark Powder. These quick and easy glow in the dark projects are fun for adults, children, and all ages in between.

Ready to get in touch with your creative side?

The Secret Message

This one is really fun and makes a great gift.

What you need:


Decorate the outer surface of your rock or wood with oil or acrylic paints. You could draw colorful swirls, flowers, or paint it a solid color.

Let the paint dry and then paint on your secret message with glow in the dark paint. Maybe you want to paint a heart for a loved one or a message for a friend.

You could even write a message with the acrylic paints and write a secret one with the Glow in the Dark Paint.

Glow in the Dark Candles

All you need to make glow in the dark candles are:

-a candle
-Glow in the Dark Paint

To make them, draw out shapes on the paper and cut them out. If you’re not an artist, print out the shapes you’d like to use.

Then glue the shapes on the candle and paint them with Glow in the Dark Paint or paint the whole candle including your shape and remove that shape when completed to leave a negative impression of the shape on the candle.

If you are feeling extra creative you can create your own candles from scratch. There are several great tutorials online like this one. Find one that you enjoy and simply add Glow in the Dark Powder to your mixture to make your candles glow in the dark!

 Glow in the Dark Chalk

For this project, you'll need:

-a mold
-Plaster of Paris
-Glow Powder 

Mix 1 cup of the plaster with 3/4 cup of water and one or two tablespoons of Glow Powder. Stir it well, and then pour it into the mold. Your mold could be sand toys or a cupcake mold or any other type of container.

Let the chalk harden, and it's ready to use!

These projects are fun to make and don't need much time. They'll be pretty to look at during the day and at night.

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